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Actual Patient Testimonials - for more visit our YELP page

Our patients have taken time to write about their experiences at Peebro Skin & Total Health Care Clinic.

The testimonials are strictly experiences of and opinions written by the patients, Peebro Skin & Total Health Care Clinic takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for the content.

"I always had problematic skin, but it worsened a year ago. I tried every acne treatment that you can think of. Topical treatment, antibiotics, lasers, etc, etc. Some worked for awhile, but non fully treated the condition. It always came back, sometimes with a vengeance. I hated looking into the mirror every morning, because I knew I was going to find a new bump. I was frustrated because I wasn't able to even apply sunblock without a breakout. As I was about to give up, I saw Peebro's ad in a magazine. After a couple treatments, I've started to see a huge improvement. The constant breakouts and flareups stopped, giving space for the older acne to heal. I could see my skin finally "calming down". I've only had 5 treatments so far, I could only imagine how much my skin will improve after the treatment is complete. I'm so glad that I've found this clinic, the only regret is not finidng it much sooner. I would've save so much tears. I recommend this clinic for anybody who is suffering acne. It really works!!"

-28 Year Old Female- self-employed

My experience with Peebro Skin & Total Health Care has been very very good! I've had acne since I was in junior high and I've tried everything to get rid of it - from over the counter products to prescription antibiotics to internal medicine - nothing worked. Finally, I saw an AD for the clinic and decided that it wouldn't hurt to try it out. I'm sure glad I did because, after almost 15 years of suffering from acne, my skin is finally clear. I feel more confident and no longer embarrassed to look people in the face when I talk to them. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who has tried everything else out there with no success.

-F.D. Age 28 (USC student)

I went to several other clinics before coming here. Peebro Skin & Total Health Care has given me the fastest and best result. People always tell me it looks like I have baby skin. It feels like it too! I feel more confident in my appearance and take great satisfaction in knowing I can always come to them and they will accommodate my needs. Their dedication and sincere concern for their patients is encouraging. Every time I run in to an old friend with similar problems, I tell him/her about this clinic. The best part is, they help you maintain your clean skin after initial treatment without the task being a huge burden. I can't believe I wasted so much money and time at other clinics.

-Jennie UC San Diego, 21 years old

After a few facials, my skin stopped breaking out. I couldn't believe that it could be controlled, I have tried facials at other places, but I am so happy with the results I got here. My skin is smooth and the skin tone is very even. It was well worth the money. I really didn't expect my skin was going to look this good.

-Laura, Sophomore, USC

I feel that my life has been truly blessed after receiving several treatments at Peebro Skin & Total Health Care. Before coming to this place, I tried many treatments, but nothing seemed to work. I became very frustrated and my self-esteem was beginning to diminish

Now thanks to the treatments that I have received I am proud to show my face in public. I no longer feel ashamed of my skin.

Not only do I see a difference, but my friends and family have also seen improvement in my skin as well as my self-esteem. I wholeheartedly recommend Peebro Skin & Total Health Care to anyone who is tired and frustrated with Acne. It really works!


-Tina Sampras (UCLA student)

I'm now 24 years old and just starting to enjoy walking around with good healthy skin. Before, I've had acne and other skin ailments all my life since the age of 11. I've tried every over the counter acne medication and every costly cosmetic product that promised to cleanse and perfect the skin. Additionally, I changed my diet, took extra vitamins, drank special juices and etc, etc. Nothing worked. I spent years frustrated and self-conscious. I literally would not look someone straight in the eyes out of embarrassment because of my skin. Then recently I saw an ad in my school newspaper regarding the Peebro Skin & Total Health Care. As a last resort I made an appointment and went in for a consultation. Rebekah recognized my skin condition right away and promised me that I would have clear skin in a matter of weeks. After only a few sessions, my skin showed dramatic improvements and I was getting compliments from many people. Now I'm nearing the end of my treatment and my skin is almost flawless. I really wish I knew about this clinic sooner. Thanks to this clinic, I feel very confident and love my face. Thank you.


-Judy Choi (UCLA student)

Before becoming a patient at the Peebro Skin & Total Health Care, I had severe acne scars from breakouts I suffered as a teenager. I tried everything from over the counter ointments to antibiotic pills. Nothing cured my breakouts or reduced the scaring. I know how acne affects one's self-conscious and esteem. Then I saw an ad in my school newspaper for the Peebro Skin & Total Health Care. At first I was skeptical, but then after seeing the dramatic Before and After pictures from other patients, I was convinced that my complexion can improve. After my first set of treatments, I noticed a dramatic improvement and now I can walk proud knowing that I have healthy skin. I regret not knowing about the clinic sooner.

-M.T. (USC Student)

I've tried many products over the years that I suffered with acne. I thought there was nothing I could do but I was wrong. Since I've been going to Peebro Skin & Total Health Care, I've already noticed the difference in my skin texture and condition. My skin feels softer and less oily. It is actually clearing up! I highly recommend Peebro Skin & Total Health Care, especially if you've had problems with acne as I had. You will surely notice the difference in your skin with just a few treatments.

-A. B. Nurse

My skin problem started when I was about 15, partly from genetics and partly from puberty. It got worse the first two years. I was always trying everything I saw: over-the-counter medicine and face wash but they were not good enough as my acne was getting worse. In the end, my mom had to take me to the dermatologist. He prescribed first mono eyeline and later tetracycline pills for me along with Retin-A medication. I tried this for a few months, going to the clinic every two weeks. it didn't get that much better. Then I saw an ad in the newspaper and decided to give the Peebro Skin & Total Health Care a call. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made! Now my skin has pretty much cleared up and that's dramatic results in 2 months

-Esther from UCLA, History major, sophomore

I have suffered from acne for over nine years now. Throughout these nine years I have tried several soaps, creams, and facial products for acne. None of those products helped me much. I saw Peebro Skin & Total Health Care advertised and decided to give it a try. After several treatments the results are really incredible. My acne is cleaning up rapidly, I feel more confident in my appearance and I look and feel healthier.


After the age of 14 I began to notice breakouts all over my face, neck, and back. The most devastating part about it was that they were large and infectious zits. I came across an article in my school's newspaper and noticed an ad on acne treatment. Since I wanted to improve my social life so badly I decided to call. Rebekah told me with great confidence that she could definitely help. After two treatments, I noticed a difference. It's good to know that after 11 years of hiding I can finally come out and enjoy life. I recommend Peebro Skin & Total Health Care -- you'll see the satisfactory results.

-K.P.K. (CSLA, junior, Liberal Studies)





Lee | Live in LA

Fumiko Lee | Housewife @ Costa Mesa



Before coming to Peebro Skin and Total Health Clinic, I tried many over the counter acne products, and also many different antibiotics which my dermatologist prescribed for me. But the longest amount of time that they worked for was two weeks. Luckily, before I decided to go on another product, I found out about Peebro Skin and Total Health Clinic. The service was great, and within a few days of my treatment and using the facial acne products, my skin dramatically improved. My face is a lot less oily, which prevents me from breaking out. It's been over a month now and I still continue to visit the clinic and use the products on a regular basis. I'm very happy with the results-acne is no longer a problem for me as it was before.

Sophomore at University of California, Irvine 
Biology major

My acne started appearing starting in junior high, and I have tried homecare and skincare treatment/products throughout the various years. I have tried topical products from TV infomercials, Laser Treatments, facials, and other skincare centers that claimed to use "natural" treatments. Every time, I'd start to see some improvements, such as the pre-existing acne going away, but they results were pretty disappointing. I ended up spending thousands of dollars and found myself in the exact same place I started. In fact, the various overly priced acne products they sold me gave me better results. 

I was introduced to Peebro Skincare from a family friend, and decided to try it since I was refereed. Initially, I was a bit skeptical. With the stresses from school and work, my skin was looking the worst it has ever been. And, having naturally oily-skin, makes me more prone to breakouts. I had inflamed, painful acne all over my chin, under my nose, and all across my cheeks. It was embarrassing, extremely painful, and so frustrating that I was about to give up. I began treatment, and I began seeing results after 3 treatments! The painful acne that I couldn't control even with prescription creams went away and my complexion brightened up. One of my friends even said, "Your skin looks better than I've ever seen it before." 

What Peebro Skincare is about is incorporating Western Medicine into the traditions of Eastern medicine, while still keeping everything totally natural. The Detox Treatment, done completely naturally, focuses on killing bacteria while replenishing the minerals that your skin needs. 

Also, it is highly recommended by Dr. Song that follow-ups are continued in order to make sure my skin stays as clear as possible. The maintenance treatments are there to make sure that your skin stays clear. The stubborn acne in my cheeks and chin have cleared up completely, but once in a while, with stress, I will have small breakouts, so I come back for maintenance to keep my skin as clear as always.

21 years old 
Neuroscience B.A. 2009, USC

Throughout my high school and college years, I had combination oily skin and used various skin products to treat the occasional pimples. However, I never had acne until about 9 months ago. I thought it would naturally go away since I never broke out to that extent before in areas such as my chin and cheeks. But finally, my mother urged me to check out Peebro because it kept getting worse. Now, I have been receiving treatments from Dr. Song for 3 months, and I can see amazing results. My acne is clearing up not just from the outside, but Dr. Song treats it from the inside out. I wish I had come earlier! I am so blessed and thankful for Dr. Song! She is amazing & her all-natural treatments really work!

22 years old, USC

"My treatment at Peebro proved to be more effective than all of the topical treatments I have had in the past. I liked the technique of treating deep below the skin surface using natural ingredients to sustain long-term healing. After three months of acupuncture, cleansing, and herbal pills, most of the breakouts, redness, and bumpiness have been replaced by smooth, even-toned skin. And, I can see my natural skin tone returning. For anyone who believes in the concept of problem-solving deep within to resolve problems on the outside, Peebro is the ideal choice."

Jane Park 

In high school and college, I had decent skin where I would only occasionally break out with some pimples on my forehead. However, about 9 months ago I suddenly broke out with acne on my cheeks and chin. Since this never happened before, I thought it would naturally go away soon since I usually don't even wear make up & take very good care of my skin. but it kept getting worse & spread over my cheeks and chin area, so my mother urged me to check out Peebro health Care Clinic. Now, it's been 3 months since I've been receiving treatments from Dr. Song, and not only has my acne reduced significantly, but my skin tone is noticeably healthier. Dr. Song is an amazing doctor who uses all-natural products. I love how she treats the acne from inside out, and the Clinic itself provides a relaxing, calm environment that I love coming. I wish I didn't hesitate and came earlier! There are so many unsafe, ineffective treatments/skin care clinics out there that I am so blessed and thankful to have found the right one. Thank you so much, Dr. Song!

Julie Koh, 22 years old, USC

I've had problem skin for several years and tried several skincare products and treatments over the years but this is the first time I've had such dramatic results. The combination of acupuncture and the herbal remedies helped to penetrate deep underneath my skin to attack my condition at the source of the problem instead of treated it from the surface. I've noticed less break-outs and my skin is definitely more manageable. Even my friends have noticed and commented about my radiant glow. I'm definitely more confident about my skin and would recommend Dr. Song to anyone looking for long term results.

30 years old. San Diego. Kristy Hamilton

15세부터 여드름 있었습니다. 나는 카운터에있는 여드름대한 제품들은 거의 다 시도해 보았는데 여드름이 계속 남아있었습니다. 몇달 전에 더 심하게 변화 되면서 많이 당황하고 걱정했지만 Peebro 스킨 & 종합 건강 케어의 광고를 발견하면서 희망을 가지고 시도하기로 결정했습니다. 치료 중에 조금씩 나아지는 내 얼굴을 보면서 여드름이 많이 없어지는것을 느꼈다. 매우 심각한 피부문제에 시달리고 있는 나같은 분들에게 빠르고 좋은 결과를 볼수있게 이 클리닉을 권해드립니다. 더 나빠지기 전에 기다리지 마세요!

나이 23 (UCLA 졸업생)

고등학교와 대학교 다니면서, 제 피부가 보통 좋았습니다. 가끔 여드름이 나도, 별로 심하지 않았습니다. 그러나, 대학교 졸업한후, 별안간 얼굴에 acne 가 나기 시작했어요. 처음으로 뺨과 턱 주위에 나니깐, 자연히 없어질거라고 생각했어요. 그런데, 점점 더 심해지고 퍼지니깐, 엄마께서 Peebro Dr. Song 만나서 치료하기 시작한 후로 얼굴이 많이 좋아지고 있어요. 아주 좋은 doctor 만나서 happy 합니다. Dr. Song, 너무 감사합니다!

Julie Kho, 22살, USC

I had acne since I was 15 years old. I have tried almost every product that was over the counter but the acne never disappeared. A few months ago it started to get worse. I was very frustrated and didn't know what to do, since I knew that the medications were useless. But then I found Peebro Skin & Total Health Care's ad and decided to give a try. In couple of treatments I actually could see that my face clearing up and my acne disappearing. I highly recommend this clinic for those that are suffering from serious trouble skin and want to see fast results. Don't wait until it gets worse!

Age 23 (recently graduated from UCLA)

Eu tinha acne desde 15 anos de idade. Eu tentei quase todos los productos que eu encontrei na farmacia, mas a acne nunca desaparecia. Alguns meses passado a acne comecou ficar pior. Eu tava muito incomodada e nao sabia o que fazer, porque eu sabia que nada ia adiantar. Mas deposis eu vi o comercial do Peebro Skin & Total Health Care e decidi dar uma tentativa. Depois de alguns tratamentos eu podia perceber que meu rosto estava esclarecendo e a acne estava desaparecendo. Eu recomendo essa clinica para aqueles que estao sinceramente sofrendo com o problema e querem ver rapido resultados. Nao esperem ate ficar pior!

Idade 23 (graduado no UCLA)


About a year ago my wife started to get serious acne. We tried the most expensive, well known dermatologist we could find. They gave my wife lots of expensive products and treatments but noting seemed to work. My wife decided to try a different, Asian approach to her skin. After a few weeks her acne was noticeably better. After 2 months it was all together gone! She looks amazing now and her confidence is back. Thank you so much.

Sauri Lee, Husband, Costa Mesa, 32 years old


When I first came to Peebro Skin Care, I thought that it would not work because of past acne treatments I used and their failures. But coming here has helped clear my acne and make my face look brighter. Acne has not been a problem in my family but once i started to get it, it would not go away. Tried using many different face washes and acne medicine but they did not help. Once I came here within the few weeks I was able to see the difference and it has made me very happy. Not only a better and cleaner looking face but also more confidence everywhere that I go. Coming here was the best decision I have ever made. Thank you Dr. Song!

Cal Poly Pomona, 21 years old


중학교 2학년때부터 여드름이 나기 시작했어요. 어머니께서 여드름 피부셨기 때문에 미리 치료하면 괜찮아지겠지 라고 생각해서 바로 피부과를 찾았구요. 병원에서는 세안을 하고, 피지나 여드름을 짜내고, 진정을 시키고, 약을 복용하게 했어요. 하지만 고등학생이 되고 대학생이 될 때까지도 여드름은 항상 제 고민이었어요. 그 동안에 서울 강남에서 피부과를 다녔구요. 약을 먹을때마다 간이 상하고 입술이 마르고 아무래도 인위적인 느낌이 들었죠. 레이저치료도 꾸준히 해봤는데 치료 직후에 금방 가라 앉았지만 결국엔 2주 정도 내에 다시 여드름이 올라오더라구요. 피부를 표면적으로 치료하기만해서 그런 것인지 늘 왠지 얼굴이 두껍다는 느낌을 받았어요. 오랜시간 겪어온 일이라 병원이나 여드름치료에 대한 신뢰가 많이 떨어졌어요. 미국에서 "피부로 한방병원"에 대한 소개를 듣고 방문하던 날 까지도 그런 마음 때문에 마음이 내키지 않았죠. 하지만 제 피부로 더 마믐이 아프셨던 어머니께서 강하게 권하셔서 어쩔수 없이 방문을 했어요. 그 날 처음 치료를 받았는데 지금까지 병원을 다니며 했던 치료와는 너무 달랐어요. 달라서 꼭 좋다기보다는 그 날 이후로 피부가 두껍게 느껴지던 것이 덜해졌어요. 피부가 두껍게 느껴지리만큼 여드름으로 덮여졌던 저의 피부가 얇아지고 환해지니까 주변에서 피부가 좋아졌다는 말도 들리고, 제 눈으로 봐도 피부가 많이 건강해졌다는 느낌을 받아요. 화장을 해도 전에 느꼈던 느낌이나 부담이 없어서 좋구요. 더군다나 치료가 여드름을 없애주는데에 치중하지 않고 전체적인 피부 회복을 침과 약초로 병행하게 되서 계속 치료받으면서됴 꾸준히 믿음이 생겨요. 병원을 다니면서 효과를 못본 분들은 "피부로 한방병원" 만의 치료방법도 있으니 한번 시도해보시는게 좋을것 같아요.

Mt.SAC College Student 23, 이진아




I've been having acne trouble since I moved to America. Assuming by the change of lifestyle & stress. I tried everything such as Acne Skincare products to peeling and so on... Nothing worked. When I was almost giving up, I saw the ad of Peebro Skincare and gave a last try. Starting from weekly session, and in two months, new acnes didn't show up anymore. Also, using skin care products which the Dr. Song recommended helped to vanish the acnes completely in 1 month. My friends noticed the change and gave me compliments on my clear skin. Make up looks much better on my skin. I'm totally satisfied. Currently, I'm taking treatment to clean old acne scars. I'm looking forward seeing even better skin in the mirror! I absolutely recommend to who's having nightmare of acne trouble.

Initial: M.E.
Occupation: Financial Analyst


I have been having trouble skin for years. Before coming to Peebro, I went many places but they did not clear my face completely. Peebro's unique skin treatment which is more like Eastern method, is safe and effective, and my skin is cleaning up after 4 treatments. However, maintenance is very important. I highly recommend this place for someone who wants serious treatments.

MA (30) Long Beach


I had fairly good skin until I entered 12th grade in high school. When I became 12th grade, I started to break out in my chin area and slowly the acne also spread to my cheeks. I was so frustrated because since I had white skin, the acne showed even more. In desperate need to cure my acne, I decided to get laser treatment. I tried getting laser for about ten times and though the acne did temporarily go away, I started to break out again after couple months. It was an endless cycle because it seemed like laser only treated the external skin, not the true internal cause of acne. I also tried every over the counter acne medicine that the doctors recommended. However, my acne just didn't seem to go away. After endless trials of trying to cure my skin, I gave up and was extremely stressed and conscious of my skin. When my mom found out about Peebro and assured me that there were many testimonials that proved that this place was suited for my skin condition, I was a little skeptical. However, the moment I entered, Dr. Song greeted me so warmly and assured me that she will cure my skin. I decided to trust her and began to get treatment. Within 4 times of treatment, I realized my skin tone has changed and my skin got way smoother. I could see that there were fewer breakouts as well. My skin also was not dry anymore. After countless laser treatment, my skin had dried out but after I got treatment from Peebro, my skin did not get flaky. I also tried internal medicine along with the acne treatment. I realized that Peebro did not only treat the outside skin but also the internally tried to heal the root of acne. ! recommend this place to everyone who is struggling with acne and wants to cure it. This place is an excellent place to be to get rid of any stubborn acne!

USC student/OT major

















Anonymous, UC Berkeley Student









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